Miscreant by Freskaro

"Freskaro", a team of technical theatre students has come together to uncover stories of victims who are experiencing mental illnesses. It has come to a point where society are discriminating & distancing themselves from them when they are the ones who needed the most help. With the intention to raise awareness of these illnesses, Freskaro sets out to put up a Son Et Lumiere show, in hopes that their audiences would understand these people better and approach things in a positive manner from now on. As the saying goes, "Same or different, everyone needs help."

It's a story about a woman who seemed insane in the eyes of people. At a very young age, she fell under depression and felt that everyone she fell in love with is leaving her. It caused her to perceive that she is not good enough for anyone. Seeking for help was never an option, as her dad is always away while her mum is busy taking care of her younger sister, making her feel unwanted. This led her into killing her younger sister. However, she has only one person whom she can turn to when she needs help and that is, Karen. As soon as Karen settled down and had a child, she became distant from the depressed woman. The beast in her called for her and whispered to her to kill the child as it’s a distraction for Karen. So, she listened to the voice and followed it.

On the 22nd of July, 3 shows will be held at TRCC (The Republic Cultural Centre) Lab. Do take note that house will be open for 5mins and we do not accept any latecomers. In addition, there will be a walk through session after every show if you are interested. Head down outside of TRCC Lab to collect your tickets on the show day itself, by providing us your name and contact details.
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Fri Jul 22, 2016
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